Charging Collection Fees: What’s Legal, What’s Trouble

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Learn tips and best practices for legally applying collection fees to your past due accounts.

Collection fees are a necessary part of the veterinary billing and collections process for many practices. If improperly used, collection fees can actually put your practice at risk. Brian Eggert, Supervisor of I.C. System’s Client Service and Records Management functions, will discuss a myriad of issues surrounding this commonly misunderstood practice on September 25th, 2014 at 11 am CST during this upcoming Live Webcast.

You’ll learn:

I.C. System Image of Past Due Notice

  • The difference between reasonable and excessive collection fees
  • WHEN to add collection fees
  • HOW to legally and safely apply collection fees
  • The risks and benefits of applying fees

When used properly, collection fees can be an effective deterrent and a critical element of your billing and collections process. Tips from this engaging presentation will improve your existing procedures. This will enable you to sleep better knowing you are properly applying the tools legally at your disposal for increasing your collections.


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