Support Your Veterinary Practice’s Best Friend – Your Customers – With This Advice

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Dogs are commonly known as man’s best friend, but they’re perhaps his oldest friend as well. New evidence suggests the bond between man and canine dates back 27,000 to 40,000 years, thanks to genomic analysis of an ancient Taimyr wolf bone; some archeologists say it is proof of man’s initial domestication of canines.

dogThousands of years have passed since the Taimyr wolf walked the earth, and while the relationship between humans and dogs has changed, it has never faltered. Whether they are a hunting companion, a home protector or a trusted friend and confidant, we need our best friends and value their partnership.

As a veterinarian, you understand that partnership better than anyone, and perhaps you enjoy something similar in your personal life. Your business, however, depends on another relationship that is no less timeless: the relationship between buyer and seller. The stability and future growth of your business depends on customers seeking your practice every day. Customers – and more importantly their pets – depend on your practice as well to deliver the care they need to foster the relationship between man and dog for all the years ahead.

A relationship built on trust and respect
A successful, long-lasting client relationship is built on great service and mutual respect. As a veterinarian you can support this relationship and make your customers feel respected by conveying information clearly and effectively. This process should start the moment they walk in the door for the first time and last through to the payment of the final bill. When customers have a better understanding of the procedure and the payment expected, they’ll be more likely to fulfill their half of the partnership, providing the income your practice needs and preventing you from going into collections. Like man and canine, provider and buyer both have parts to play in this long-standing relationship. While the amount your buyers pay may not be enough to last you for thousands of years, it sure beats a wolf bone.

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