InstiCredit is one of I.C. System’s most popular program offerings for our veterinary debt collection and recovery clients. It helps you determine before you extend credit to a customer or potential employee whether that individual is a good credit risk or a bad one. Our unique program helps you instantly obtain the credit-related information you need to make an informed decision before you decide how to handle your client or customer’s request!

CreditWith InstiCredit you can pull credit reports and perform social security searches to:

  • Determine credit risk before extending credit
  • Locate new address and phone numbers to reach your customers
  • Determine credit risk before renting/leasing to tenants (if you own the building where your veterinary clinic is located)
  • Perform credit check for employment purposes
  • Internal collections

You are able to review results in seconds, and you also receive secure access through our Online Tools here at I.C. System. Before using the InstiCredit service, you will need to read the materials in our InstiCredit Packet regarding the laws governing the use of credit profiles to use the services effectively. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more and receive this IC-Sidebar-Button BECOME A CLIENTpacket!

Please note: You must have a permissible purpose to obtain a credit profile. Permissible purposes are defined by federal and state laws and by our agreements with credit reporting agencies. You may obtain profiles on individuals or businesses to determine whether to grant credit or to assist in collection efforts. You may also obtain profiles for employment purposes after certifying compliance with the law. To protect you and ourselves, we cannot provide profiles on you, your employees, and your customers. Our agreement with the credit reporting agencies does not allow us to offer InstiCredit profiles to attorneys, bail bond companies, credit repair agencies or investigative companies.ICS_Vet_Callout_2