Recovery Plus

Recovery Plus is a “Flat Rate” Veterinary Debt Collection program that I.C. System offers as an option to our clients. It offers a “Flat Fee” approach to collections, enabling your clinic to control expenses and budgets.

It also offers the potential for a “softer” approach to the collection process, which helps protect and even enhance the relationship your veterinary clinic or practice has with pet owners. I.C. System’s Recovery Plus program is a two-phase vet debt recovery system that leverages our third party collection tools and techniques, plus our specific industry knowledge to get you the best possible recoveries while protecting your customer relationships.

Exterior IC System through the treesPhase 1

For a small, Flat Fee Rate (with no commissions available), your customers receive a series of up to five diplomatically-worded collection letters. All receivables are sent directly to you, and your keep 100 percent of the money recovered. The letters mail at strategic intervals within Phase 1.  This “softer” collection approach ensures you protect and in some cases even enhance your customer relationships. Then, any remaining unpaid and qualifying (based on amount) accounts roll into Phase 2 of the Recovery Plus program.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, for a competitively-priced Contingency Fee, your outstanding accounts receive intensive and comprehensive recovery efforts. This may include more direct letters, skip tracing, professional phone contacts, and credit reporting to all four national bureaus.

In addition, Recovery Plus enables you to:

  • Increase cash flowIC-Sidebar-Button BECOME A CLIENT
  • Retain control of your A/R
  • Easily manage your A/R
  • Protect your customer relationships
  • Reduce administrative workload
  • Motivate slow-paying customers
  • Lower internal collection costs
  • Cleanup insurance-related issues
  • Lower overall collection costs (utilizing our small, Flat Fee structure)
  • Submit accounts via the method of your choice
  • Follow account activity through comprehensive reports
  • Avoid commissions on easy-to-collect accounts

E TeamRecovery Plus also provides you with access to:

  • InstiCredit ‑ I.C. System’s Credit Profiling Service that helps you make better informed decisions whether to grant your customers credit.
  • Attorney Referral services featuring payment demand contacts made by an independent attorney.
  • Litigation Referral services if your clinic decides to take a customer to court.

With I.C. System’s Recovery Plus Program, You Choose:

  • Quantity of accounts
  • Number of letters
  • Combination of letters
  • Timing of letters

The Recovery Plus Pricing Model includes:

  • Comprehensive monthly reports
  • Toll-free access to dedicated Client Service Representatives
  • Full protection through a “Hold Harmless” Agreement

What’s Next?

We recommend that you do an analysis of your receivables to determine the number of accounts your office will need within the two-year period of the agreement.ICS_Vet_Callout_2